The Reverse Plank: Just a great exercise for your entire posterior chain!

The Viking Ship: One of my personal favorites (I do this exercise several times a week) that combines neck strengthening, shoulder blade retraction, mid-back thoracic extension, and even some active stretching of the pec major & minor. The Viking Ship will pull your upper torso posture upright!

Wall Shoulder Blade Retractions! These exercises will help keep your torso upright. Perfect if you sit at a desk or use a mobile device.

Internal Hip Rotation 3.0 (seated position). The last entry in my series on isolation exercises for your internal hip rotation. The seated version is a good choice if you have trouble getting up off the floor.

Internal Hip Rotation (Side Lying Position): This is a great exercise for an aspect of hip motion that is often overlooked. Perfect if you have issues with getting down on the floor (as demonstrated in my previous hip internal rotation video).

Shoulder Blade Push Ups 2.0 This video contains a few different versions of the popular shoulder blade push up exercise to strengthen your shoulder blades in a few different angles.

Side Lying Hip Adductions: This is a great exercise to strengthen your hip & knee, not to mention "bullet proof" your groin. If you follow the isolation instructions carefully, then you may find that this exercise is challenging! 

Shoulder Blade Push Ups: This video contains several versions (both double and single arm) of this simple exercise to help with shoulder blade stability. 

Reverse Hyper Extensions: This video contains several versions of the basic reverse hyper extension exercise. The reverse hyper extension is a great exercise for your lower back.

Reverse Fly to External Rotation: This is a great exercise that combines two movements for the upper back: Shoulder blade retraction & shoulder external rotation (rotator cuff). Perfect to pull your posture upright after sitting at a desk all day!

Neck Sit Ups: These exercises will strengthen the posterior (or backside) of your neck. These are perfect if you have pain in your neck or upper back from sitting at a desk, computer, or staring at your mobile device. These exercises work well with the Upper Back & Shoulder External Rotation videos.

A series of exercises for the upper back & shoulder blades. All of these are very helpful if you sit at a desk all day and still want to play golf, tennis, or workout.

This is a great exercise to keep your shoulders aligned and pain free. I like performing the external rotations in the side lying position to position the action of the rotator cuff directly against gravity, and to remove the shoulder blade elevators & neck muscles from the equation.

This video demonstrates several versions of a simple movement for shoulder mobility, shoulder blade strengthening, and torso mobility. Perfect for golf & tennis, the standing versions can be done right out on the practice tee or tennis court!

Single Leg Internal Hip Rotations. A perfect addition to your glute activation routine. Golfers, you may only need to do this one on your dominant side hip. Sorry about the audio: It corrects after about 15 seconds...

These are two great exercises for the thumb & finger extensors. An absolute must to counteract all the gripping of a tennis racket or golf clubs.

A great exercise to strengthen your writs rotation (both pronation & supination). An absolute must if you play golf or tennis.

This is a great exercise for your wrist rotation. An absolute must if you play golf or tennis.

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