"Have been working with Ben for several months after utilizing multiple options with PT, dry needling, acupuncture and osteopathy to deal with tightness related to lower back arthritis.  I have found good success with stretching with Ben as an alternative to these other techniques as it gets my back and legs more balanced than the other techniques."

                                                                                    -Matt W.

"Before I started working with Ben, I would have nagging pains in my lower back, hips and shoulders. I would also have an occasional flare-up with my lower back that would be pretty painful. I had tried working with a couple of other therapists but the results were only minimally effective. Ben has been stretching me regularly for around a year. I did notice some increased flexibility pretty quickly but the big pay-off came after he had been stretching me for about 10 sessions. All the nagging pain is gone and zero flare-ups with my lower back. Ben is extremely professional, easy to work with and truly cares about you getting the results you want."

                                                                                    -Mike A.


"Ben, I went to see the Nurse Practitioner of the surgeon that did the hip replacement AND she was very impressed with the range of motion of my hip replacement leg. I thought that you should know your work is really effective & productive. Thank you so much."

                                                                                   -Judy S.

"It is my pleasure to write Ben a letter of recommendation for his stretching practice. I feel that both myself and my daughter-in-law have had a number of benefits from his techniques. I think there is a lack of understanding as to what our bodies do as we grow older. As a 70 year old plus man I know my flexibility had suffered and needed some help. Ben's "whole body" approach has done wonders for me. I was not aware that this service existed as it sits quietly somewhere between a therapeutic massage and a workout with a trainer. Ben's education and knowledge allows him to work on me with my individual needs and he has done just that. Please feel free to have anyone call if they are considering stretch therapy services."

                                                                                  -Terry C       

"I've been working out hard most of my life, including 10 years with (retired) professional football players. I first began seeing Ben (aka "Doctor Stretch") approximately two years ago, and amazingly, at 64, am now as strong or stronger than I've ever been before (google "old guy rules core strength" to see exactly what that means). Although my trainer has much to do with this excellent outcome, Dr. Stretch has much to do with it too, and I plan on continuing to incorporate stretch therapy as part of my regular training regimen."


                                                                                       -Bill T.

"About three months ago I strained my lower back . Being a member of Atlanta Country Club and participating in tennis , fitness classes, and golf, I was anxious to get help and relief from my lower back injury   Dorie Downs, our fitness director at Atlanta Country Club , recommended Benjamin Wooley for stretch therapy to  help with tightness and releasing the hip flexors and lower back muscles. I started going to Benjamin and through his amazing technique, I am back playing golf, tennis and attending fitness classes. I strongly recommend Benjamin and I know you will benefit greatly."


                                                                                       -Carol T.

"I have been seeing Ben for over six months,I learned about his service through my physical trainer it has helped me in many ways. I must say that after being a client of Ben's my arms and legs are much stronger and feel great. Has greatly increased my flexibility and reduce the inflammation,👍"


                                                                                       -Gary B.

"About 2 years ago, I had an issue with my right hip.  The x-rays were negative and the orthopedic doctor thought it might be bursitis, so he recommended physical therapy.  I went for the prescribed number of sessions in January, 2016, but my hip did not seem to improve.  Upon returning to the doctor and hoping for an MRI or a cortisone shot, he again recommended more physical therapy.  However, I did not pursue it—did not want to waste my time or money.  So I just suffered and dealt with it.

In July, 2016, my personal trainer recommended that I see Ben Wooley.  Ben has helped me tremendously through exercises, movements and stretching.  My hip is so much better—almost back to normal, as well as the rest of my body.  We started with sessions once a week, and now progressively are lengthening the time between sessions.  I cannot thank Ben enough for helping this 67 year old get back to moving without pain!"


                                                                                     -Angie W.

I have been working with Ben on a weekly basis for almost two years. I am an active tennis player and the stretching exercises has helped my game as well as preventing hamstring and shoulder problems which are very common. When I started Ben I was barely able to turn my neck and was frequently uncomfortable. In addition to tennis I work out frequently with a trainer and Ben has been terrific about sharing information with him to help improve my flexibility. Most importantly I have been injury free and Corrective Exercise Solutions has been an important part of my much improved physical conditioning.

                                                                                    -Martin K.

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